How To Use Shelving Systems For Storage Around The House

Shelves are really practical no matter where or how they are used. Each and every room of the house can benefit from shelving systems in one way or another and this makes this particular type of storage really versatile. Let’s see how it can be adapted to various types of spaces and interior designs.

These corner rope shelves are a beautiful storage solution for nursery rooms, playroom or kids’ bedrooms in general. They’re something you can build yourself. You need wooden boards, rope rope, screw hooks and a safety pins. Prep the boards and drill large holes in the corners. Thread the rope through these holes, measure the distance you want between the shelves and use safety pins to mark the spots. You might be able to push a small piece of a dowel rod through the middle of the rod to hold it up.{found on honeybearlane}.

In the dining room, you can use reclaimed barn wood to make a shelving unit for displaying things like plates and other items. If you already have such a piece of furniture, you can simply give it a cosmetic makeover.{found on serendipityrefined}.

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