How To Choose The Right Paint Color For Your Home

One of the first and most important steps in defining and creating a home’s interior design is choosing the paint color. This is not the type of decision that should be based solely on personal preferences but rather that should be an informed choice influences by a series of factors such as:

Where a color is situated in the color wheel is important. Everyone knows which are the primary colors but there’s more to this idea than that. For example, colors which are near each other in the color wheel are analogous and, when combined, one of them stands out more.

The colors that are opposite to each other in the color wheel are complementary and they play off each when combined. It’s why the red and green combination is so balanced.

No home is decorated using a single color for all the walls in all the rooms and, if there are such cases, they’re rare and have much more complex interior designs than the color of the walls suggests. So think about the whole palette of colors you plan on using and how these colors interact with each others.

If you stay within the same shade and use different nuances of the same color, then the décor will be subtle and soothing. This is an interesting option to explore when decorating the bedroom.

The distinction between cool and warm colors

Some colors are considered cool, such as blue for example. These colors are good choices if you wish to make a room feel larger and more airy. Other colors are warm such as orange or red. These make the room feel welcoming and comfortable.

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