Blending Rustic And Cottage-style In Home Décor

One of the key features of both rustic and cottage-style homes is their warm, welcoming and cozy interior. Of course, there are a lot of other defining characteristics which should be mentioned. As always, an example, would make things easier so let’s take a look at this charming interior design from Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo.

The wood-paneled walls and ceiling together with the hardwood floors create a very comfortable, inviting and relaxing ambiance. The exposed beams and the fireplace with floor-to-ceiling firewood storage in the corner are the defining elements in the case of the living space décor.

The long and narrow floor plan has the kitchen and the dining space facing each other. The stainless steel and shiny surfaces in the kitchen give it a particularly modern look which contrasts a bit with the rest of the space. However, the majority of the décor is rustic and a nice balance in thus created.

The transparent dining chairs are what maintains the balance in the dining area. And, of course, the table has a really interesting design and represents the perfect blend of old and new, rustic and modern. The same type of harmonious balance created with contrasting elements can be seen in the bathroom but also in the bedroom, although the modern-style details and less prominent than the overall cottage ambiance.

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